Kitchen Painting Tips for Small, Compact Spaces

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Many modern homes are starting to focus on efficiency, which often means space is limited and rooms are designed for maximum functionality. This tends to be especially true in kitchens, which can leave homeowners feeling like they can’t get creative with their design choices. Fortunately, our team at Worth Painting, LLC has plenty of experience working in small kitchens, and we’ve put together this list of tips for kitchen painting that makes a big impact in even the smallest of spaces.

Kitchen Painting Tips for Small, Compact Spaces

  • Light and Bright – When it comes to small kitchen painting, many people swear by light, bright paint, which can help the room appear larger than it really is. Soft white, pale yellow, and soft blue are especially good at making a kitchen feel light and airy instead of cramped and dark.
  • Try TwoTone – If your kitchen has upper and lower cabinetry, opting for two different colors can help break up the space, creating visual depth and interest.
  • Make a Statement – While it’s true that light colors often help a small kitchen feel larger, don’t let that dissuade you from adding a bold accent wall. Punchy colors like mint green, candy apple red, aqua blue, and sunflower yellow can easily liven up a small space.
  • Open Things Up – Open shelving is an ever-popular trend in kitchens, and it’s a good opportunity to play around with color. Choose a wall color that contrasts with your dishware for added impact or complimentary colors for elegant continuity.

If you’re looking for an experienced kitchen painting company to help you liven up your small space, our team is ready to assist you. Call today to learn more, or get started with scheduling an estimate!